US Coast Guard Salaries

The United States Coast Guard, which is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security and is one of five branches within the U.S. Armed Forces, is a massive agency with more than 38,000 active-duty employees, 8,000 reservists, and more than 35,000 auxiliary employees. The Coast Guard, which is staffed with an “adaptive, responsive military force of maritime professionals,” is responsible for providing maritime safety, security and environmental stewardship to the United States.

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Salary statistics within the U.S. Coast Guard are quite varied, considering the large number of job titles and duties. In addition to U.S. Coast Guard salaries, this military agency offers its employees a competitive benefits package, which includes everything from college tuition to free medical and dental care. Further, the U.S. Coast Guard has many opportunities for employees to increase their salaries through promotions based on merit.

U.S. Coast Guard Salary Data from Recent Job Postings

Recent job postings for U.S. Coast Guard positions reveal the salary ranges in this military organization:

  • Accounting Technician (GS-05): $31,628-$41,122
  • Criminal Investigator (GS-13): $84,647-$110,040
  • Deckhand (WK-06): $19.85-$29.64 per hour
  • Engineering Technician (GS-11/12): $63,076-$98,281
  • Equal Employment Specialist (GS-09): $52,146-$67,787
  • Intelligence Specialist (GG-15): $82,642-$107,434
  • Management and Program Analyst (GS-12): $74,872-$97,333
  • Marine Interdiction Agent (GL-09): $49,520-$63,894
  • Naval Architect (GS-11/12): $61,467-$97,333
  • Physical Security Specialist (GS-13): $87,306-$113,496
  • Sandblaster (WG-07): $21.27-$24.81 per hour
  • Security Guard (GS-04): $28,269-$36,746
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program Coordinator (GS-13): $81,823-$106,369
  • Small Craft Operator (WG-08): $21.71-$25.31 per hour
  • Structural Worker (WG-08): $22.14-$25.80 per hour
  • Supervisory Contract Specialist (GS-15): $114,872-$149,333


Special Pay Rates

Special pay rates for both enlisted and officers include:

  • Aviation career incentive pay ($125 to $250 per month)
  • Flight deck hazardous duty incentive pay (officer and enlisted: $150 monthly)
  • Bonuses: Enlistment bonus, selective reserve bonus, selective re-enlistment bonus, and critical skills training bonus
  • Foreign language proficiency pay ($100 to $300 per month)
  • Hardship duty pay
  • Hazardous duty incentive pay
  • Physician Assistants board certified pay ($166 to $416 per month)
  • Reserve high priority unit pay
  • Responsibility pay ($50 to $150 per month)
  • Special duty assignment pay
  • Career sea pay
  • Career Status Bonus: $30,000
  • Diving duty pay ($150 to $240 per month)
  • Special pay – Duty subject to hostile fire or imminent danger


Enlisted U.S. Coast Guard Salaries

Enlisted individuals, according to the Coast Guard, receive a competitive salary that increases with grade and longevity. The U.S. Coast Guard salary for enlisted members also includes a benefits package that includes life insurance; free medical, dental and eye care; 30 days of paid vacation; the GI Bill; and tuition assistance.

All newly enlisted members receive a salary of $15,125 for their first year of service, with additional allowances for some enlisted members based on their status. Additional allowances may include sea pay, a clothing allowance, a housing allowance, a family separation allowance, and hazardous-duty pay.

Basic allowance pay for enlisted members, as of January 2014, was $357.55 per month. The family separation allowance is $250.

Officer U.S. Coast Guard Salaries

All full-time, active-duty officers in the Coast Guard receive a competitive salary that increases according to grade and longevity, as well as a comprehensive benefits package that includes free medical, dental and vision; life insurance; 30 days of paid vacation, GI Bill benefits, and tuition assistance. View the salary chart for more information on pay according to increases in rank and tenure. Officers in the Coast Guard are promoted based on their knowledge of their chosen career field, their performance, their time in a specific pay grade, and their service requirements.

Basic allowance pay for officers, as of January 2014, was $246.24 per month.

Reserve Enlisted U.S. Coast Guard Salaries

Reservists in the Coast Guard, in addition to a steady salary, are afforded a wide array of benefits, including college tuition assistance through the Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserve. All Coast Guard reservists receive the same pay as other military members with the same pay grade and status. More information on reservist pay according to pay grade and status can be found by accessing the most recent military pay scale.

Reserve Officer U.S. Coast Guard Salaries

Reserve officers receive the same pay as other military members within the same pay grade and status, and they are afforded medical and dental coverage while serving in a drilling status. More information on salary ranges for reserve officers based on pay grade and status can be found by viewing the military pay scale.

Reserve officers are paid based on their pay grade drill period. Pay increases are achieved based on rank and tenure in the Coast Guard Reserve.

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