About FederalLawEnforcement.org

The citizens of the United States owe thanks to the men and women that serve in both civilian and non-civilian roles within America’s federal law enforcement agencies. The same federal agencies that have historically been responsible for disrupting international crime syndicates and fighting organized crime, now more often serve in a dual role that involves leading campaigns against domestic and international terrorist groups.

Since the tragic events of 9-11 2001, federal law enforcement agencies responsible for counter-terrorism have received increased funding and undergone organizational changes designed to maximize their reach and effectiveness. As federal law enforcement agencies expand their scope and influence, they look to recruit candidates of the highest caliber to become the next generation of federal law enforcement professionals.

In their search for the most qualified candidates, most federal law enforcement agencies have set job qualification standards to include a college degree in a relevant major. FederalLawEnforcement.org was created as a resource designed to help aspiring federal law enforcement professionals learn about the education requirements, background restrictions, experience mandates and training involved in becoming an ATF Agent, Federal Air Marshal, U.S. Marshal, Secret Service Agent, or other federal law enforcement professional.