Secret Service Agents Save Woman’s Life – Earn Prestigious Award

The Secret Service is best known for its role in protecting the President. In recent years, with heightened threats of terrorism and other dangers, the Service has stayed busy investigating threats made against various U.S. officials both at home and abroad. In the Digital Age, many of these threats have been made over the Internet. But, despite having its hands full, the Secret Service recently proved that it is able to respond in a split second to protect civilians.

Just one example of the Service’s professionalism was demonstrated recently when a woman suffered a life threatening emergency that required immediate help.

In April, a Texas woman named Brenda Quirolo and her husband were touring Washington, D.C. when she suddenly suffered a massive heart attack. Though the event itself was highly unfortunate, lucky for her she happened to be in the vicinity of the White House at the time.

Quick thinking Secret Service agents and Capitol Police officers rapidly rushed to her aid and helped her by performing lifesaving CPR and calling emergency personnel, as the entire episode was caught on closed circuit surveillance TV.

Now, Quirolo is thanking the officers who saved her life, calling them her “guardian angels.” The agents involved in the rescue even took time out to visit Quirolo in the hospital to make sure she was recovering well.

This story comes as a much needed reminder of the professionalism and honor common among the nation’s Secret Service agents. For their efforts the agents involved were awarded the Department of Homeland Security’s Award for Valor.