East and West Coast Law Enforcement Agencies Seek Veterans to Fill Positions

Veterans Day celebrations this year were followed with plans to fill more state and law enforcement positions with veterans. Announcements came from both sides of the country in an effort to attract qualified candidates who have dedicated themselves to the security of the United States.

The Port Authority of New Jersey and New York is working to extend its present policy to override age limits for new law enforcement recruits. The 2013 initiative was passed to allow veterans the ability to subtract six years of active duty in the military from their current age. The age limit for police recruits is 35; however, qualified military members would be able to apply up to the age of 41 by subtracting the six years. An indefinite extension of the policy is awaiting approval.

The Port Authority is charged with among other things, the protection of the World Trade Center site, four airports in the New York and New Jersey area, four bi-state bridges and the PATH rail system.

“Veterans who have dedicated themselves to our country’s freedom and security are great candidates to help keep our customers and facilities safe through careers as police officers,” said Pat Foye, Executive Director of Port Authority. “Continuing this policy will help us attract qualified police officer candidates from those who have admirably served our country.”

In California, U.S. Customs and Border Protection began a six-week recruitment effort to hire veterans for positions at the seaport complex in Los Angeles/Long Beach and at Los Angeles International Airport. These positions have no age limits and the starting pay range is $36,076 to $54,664.

Los Angeles CBP Director of Field Operations, Carlos C. Martel, said the recruitment will allow veterans to attain law enforcement positions and continue serving their country by protecting the Los Angeles area.