US Marshal Job Description and Career Opportunities in Indiana

US Marshals in Indiana use both conventional and creative law enforcement techniques to serve and protect the public. Coming from an educated background gives marshals the ingenuity they need to meet the duties outlined in their job description.

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Chief among these is bringing fugitives into custody, which was recently demonstrated in Operation Fugitive Safe Surrender. Over the course of four days, US Marshals and religious leaders offered a sort of amnesty to surrender that resulted in 531 people in Indianapolis turning themselves and 42 fugitives being remanded to custody.

US Marshal core job duties in Indiana include:

  • Tactical fugitive operations
  • Witness protection
  • Court security
  • Asset forfeiture
  • Prisoner responsibility

US Marshals serve the state of Indiana through two field offices and seven satellite offices, located in:

    • South Bend
      • Fort Wayne
      • Lafayette
      • Hammond
      • Merrillville


  • Indianapolis
    • Terre Haute
    • New Albany
    • Evansville


Qualifications for US Marshal Positions

With a strong educational foundation US Marshals are able to come up with innovative solutions to persistent problems, demonstrated by the recent operations in Indiana. Learning how to become a US Marshal also reveals education to be not only a benefit, but also a requirement in most cases.

One of the strongest ways to qualify for US Marshal jobs in by completing one year of graduate level study in majors relating to:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Criminal Justice
  • Sociology
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Forensic Science

Another way to meet the education requirement is by having a good academic record and a bachelor’s degree in an unspecified field.

Higher education may also be combined with or replaced by one year of specialized law enforcement experience.

In addition to education and experience, candidates interested in pursuing US Marshal career opportunities will also need to be US citizens between the ages of 21-36. Candidates with a federal officer background or who are veterans may have the age requirements waived.

US Marshal Basic Training

New recruits must complete the 17.5-week US Marshal Service Basic Training Academy in Georgia before receiving their first assignment. Life at the live-in academy is dotted with seven unit tests and daily physical conditioning, so candidates are well advised to be in prime physical shape before entry. US Marshal training requirements stipulate passage of a final fitness test for both men and women before graduation may commence. Basic training covers topics like:

  • Computer training
  • Officer survival
  • Defensive tactics
  • Courtroom evidence and procedures
  • Building entry and search
  • Protective services

These skills are fundamental and US Marshals recently used took advantage of them to conduct some recent operations across Indiana:

  • The arrest of a South Bend man wanted on murder charges by a team of law enforcement officials including US Marshals, the Michigan City Police Department Investigative Division, and the South Bend Police.
  • The arrest of a semi-truck driver who fled the scene of an Allen County crash which left two dead and many wounded.
  • The arrest of a man in Indianapolis by US Marshals working with the Bloomington Police Department, on suspicions related to dealing cocaine.

Applying for US Marshal jobs in Indiana is an involved process identical to that for all states. Vacancies and applications are posted on the USA Jobs website, and candidates will complete the following as part of the application process:

  • Interview
  • Background investigation
  • Medical evaluation

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