US Marshal Job Description and Career Opportunities in Illinois

Considering that US Marshals are often called on to pursue and capture violent and armed offenders, the fact that the Chicago-based US Marshals Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force recently made its 50,000th arrest is cause for celebration. An important part of the US Marshal job description in Illinois includes the ability to network with other local and federal law enforcement agencies.

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US Marshals in Illinois are based out of three regional field offices and their satellites:

    • Chicago
      • Rockford


    • Springfield
      • Urbana
      • Peoria
      • Rock Island
      • Danville


  • East Saint Louis
    • Benton

Ambitious candidates who want to learn how to become a US Marshal in Illinois can start by reviewing some of the basic requirements.

Education Requirements for Deputy US Marshals

Because of the importance of being able to rapidly assess a situation, make logical split-second decisions, and stay one step ahead of a fugitive, it’s no wonder the hiring requirements for US Marshals place an emphasis on education.

Candidates can qualify with one year of master-level studies in a field related to:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Sociology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Forensic Science

Applicants may also qualify with a good academic record and a bachelor’s degree in any subject, or a year of specialized work experience in a law enforcement field, or some combination of the two.

Because the application for US Marshal jobs can be competitive, candidates are encouraged to make themselves as qualified as possible.

US Marshal career opportunities are posted on the federal government’s USA Jobs website. The application process is thorough and designed to filter out unqualified candidates. Along with the application itself, this includes:

  • In-depth background investigation
  • Confirmation that candidates are US citizens between the ages of 21-36, unless federal officers or veterans
  • Medical examination, including hearing and vision tests
  • Interview

US Marshals train throughout their entire career, gaining experience and specializations in any number of areas. Training begins at the US Marshal Service Basic Training Academy at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Georgia. Training requirements include passing seven exam segments and a physical fitness test, which is tailored differently for males and females.

At the 17.5-week basic training, new marshals will receive instruction that enables them to function in their major areas of public service:

  • Prisoner operations and transportation
  • Judicial and witness security
  • Fugitive recovery and tactical operations
  • Asset forfeiture


US Marshals Task Forces in Illinois

Since the September 11th attacks law enforcement across the nation has placed a greater emphasis on collaborative efforts and joint partnerships. This spreads jurisdictional authority and expertise across agencies, and in Illinois has included:

  • US Marshals Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force, making over 50,000 arrests since 2003 in a partnership that includes more than 40 local police and sheriff’s departments
  • Chicago Terrorism Task Force, which recently arrested a man planning to join an overseas US-designated terrorist organization
  • Quad Cities Joint Terrorism Task Force in Moline
  • Springfield Joint Terrorism Task Force, which recently arrested a man who parked what he thought was a car filled with explosives outside a federal building in Springfield

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