US Marshal Job Description and Career Opportunities in Hawaii

US Marshals in Hawaii are based from the agency’s main office in Honolulu. They are responsible for the entire district which, in addition to the Hawaiian Islands also includes other locations in the Pacific such as the Midway Islands, Johnston Island, and Kingman Reef. The agreeable climate and nice residents of Hawaii that attracts so many tourists unfortunately also brings criminals. This became very clear recently when nearly 200 suspects were arrested in Hawaii over the course of only three US Marshal raids in the state.

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US Marshal career opportunities in Hawaii are reserved for applicants with the highest qualifications, which include education and experience.

Becoming Qualified for US Marshal Careers

As US citizens begin looking into how to become a US Marshal, one of the first requirements they should be aware of is education:

  • A bachelor’s degree in any subject with a good academic standing will also suffice. Candidates may combine or substitute for the education requirement by having one year of specialized law enforcement experience.


  • A year of graduate study in fields related to:
    • Crime Scene Investigation
    • Forensic Science
    • Sociology
    • Criminal Justice
    • Law Enforcement

Prospective marshals will also need to fall within the correct age boundaries: 21-36 years old, with exceptions for certain federal employees.

Application and Training

All applications for US Marshal jobs in Hawaii and the rest of the country are made through a federal employment website. Once an application has been submitted the candidate will be notified if he or she is to continue in the hiring process, which includes:

  • Interview
  • Medical evaluation
  • Background investigation
  • Physical agility test

US Marshal training requirements involve multiple tests over the course of a 123-day basic academy conducted in Glynco, Georgia. Seven exams will be proctored covering relevant subjects to ensure trainees understand certain critical elements of the US Marshal job description. The basic training academy covers:

  • High threat trials
  • Search and seizure
  • Courtroom procedures and evidence
  • Physical conditioning
  • Building search and entry
  • Defensive tactics

Tests for male and female fitness standards are also required, and passing a final fitness is necessary to graduate from the training academy.

US Marshals in Hawaii

The US Marshal Service in Hawaii plays an important role. Commonly seen during high-profile tactical operations and while providing judicial security, the agency also plays an equally important though lesser known role in prisoner operations and asset forfeitures.

Headlines were recently made when US Marshals Hawaii Fugitive Task Force conducted three separate raids across Hawaii, netting 195 suspects. Putting their training to good use, the operations involved:

  • 67 suspects on the Big Island over the course of three days on charges including sex offenses, robbery, and drug violations.
  • 62 fugitives on Oahu over the course of a two-day operation on charges related to violent crimes, firearms possession, and probation violations.
  • 66 fugitives on Maui were arrested on a three-day sweep of the island, including one man wanted in connection to crimes committed against a 14-year-old girl.

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