New Jersey Federal Law Enforcement Jobs

Federal law enforcement authorities operating out of locations across New Jersey numbered just over 15,000 strong according to a recent count. These specialized agents and officers tackle the problems New Jersey residents face, which includes everything from illegal weapons trafficking to major drug operations. Effectiveness and safety are two of the paramount concerns for professionals in this field, and that is why candidates interested in pursuing employment with one of the many federal agencies in New Jersey must stand out among their fellow applicants and be capable of completing an extensive training process.

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Federal law enforcement careers in New Jersey are funded through many sources including government grants. These were recently bolstered by two Homeland Security grants:

  • Urban Areas Security Initiative grant totaling $21,663,035
  • State Homeland Security Program grant totaling $6,230,200


Becoming Qualified for Federal Law Enforcement Jobs

As federal law enforcement operations in New Jersey continue to expand and meet new challenges posed by geopolitical changes and advances in technology, prospective candidates for these positions need to start their research on the required education and training for federal law enforcement jobs as early as possible. Candidates who begin this research now will have plenty of time to pursue basic qualifications such as a four-year bachelor degree in:

  • Police Science
  • Law
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Homeland Security
  • Forensics
  • Emergency Management
  • Public Administration
  • Public Safety

These are some of the foundational degree programs, and depending on the candidate’s agency preference and specialization, other college degrees in the sciences, business, or technology may be more appropriate. Researching the specific requirements now is a strategic way to plan for future New Jersey federal law enforcement careers.

Recent Multi-Agency Operations in New Jersey

Since the 9/11 attacks federal law enforcement agencies have made a concerted effort to combine their resources, share their intelligence, and raise the overall level of inter-agency collaboration. This is demonstrated in the following recent high-profile cases, which also show the range of possible federal law enforcement careers in New Jersey:

A sprawling criminal network reaching across several states and countries, responsible for $200 million in credit card fraud, was recently disrupted by 13 raids carried out across four states, including New Jersey. The investigation and raid of the alleged perpetrators revealed a vast scheme involving thousands of fake identities, fake companies, 25,000 fake credit cards and fake bank accounts, and was carried out with the involvement of:

  • US Postal Inspection Agency
  • US Secret Service
  • FBI

Drug traffickers responsible for the movement of hundreds of thousands of dollars of methamphetamine throughout southern New Jersey were recently arrested over an eight-day period in the culmination of a 22-month investigation led by members of the Camden High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Unit. The drugs were smuggled into the US via its border with Mexico and distributed throughout New Jersey. 28 suspects face charges in the investigation, which turned up $245,000-worth of meth, 1.5 kilograms of cocaine, $18,000 in cash, a semi-automatic AK-47, and a fully automatic M-56 machine gun. Participating federal agencies included:

  • FBI
  • Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • US Marshals Service

As part of the Department of Homeland Security, Coast Guard crews recently rescued six people in boats off the the southern New Jersey shore involving unrelated incidents of inoperable marine vessels. To date the Coast Guard in New Jersey has performed 665 search-and-rescue operations.

Federal Law Enforcement Protects New Jersey as a Major Port of Entry

With three official ports of entry, Customs and Border Protection Officers also play an important role in New Jersey. Aside from the common cases people hear about involving the discovery of human trafficking, weapons and drugs, CBP Officers also serve an important function for the American and state economy. The following items are part of recent seizures CBP seizures:

  • Airport authorities recently discovered the Khapra Beetle on multiple occasions, hidden in cardboard, burlap bags, and animal hides that were part of imports transiting New Jersey. This beetle is a pest species for grains and other stored products that can potentially cause millions of dollars in damage to US agriculture.
  • In recent cargo inspection CBP Officers discovered:
    • A container that contained $325,000-worth of counterfeit Lee jeans
    • A shipment of merchandise containing counterfeit handbags, belts, and wallets purported to be made by Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, and Gucci, worth $20 million
    • A shipment of toys from China worth $11,313 that was recently seized by CBP Officers when it was discovered certain parts were a choking hazard and contained excessive amounts of lead
    • $36,000-worth of counterfeit children’s lunch boxes were seized by CBP officials when they determined they were decorated with logos which infringed on copyrights


Field Offices and Locations of Employment in New Jersey

One question many prospective federal law enforcement officials wonder about is where in New Jersey they will be stationed. The answer depends on which agency they join, and where in the state the agency is active. The following represent major field office locations where virtually all federal law enforcement jobs in New Jersey are found:

    • FBI Field office in Newark
    • DEA offices in:
      • Newark
      • Northfield
      • Maple Shade


    • ATFE field offices in:
      • Cherry Hill
      • Egg Harbor Township
      • Trenton
      • Woodland Park


    • New Jersey Homeland Security office in Hamilton Township
    • US Secret Service offices in:
      • Atlantic City
      • Newark
      • Trenton


    • US Marshals offices in:
      • Newark
      • Trenton
      • Camden


  • US Coast Guard bases in:
    • East Orange
    • Bayonne
    • Sandy Hook
    • Highlands
    • Avon by the Sea
    • Fort Dix
    • Point Pleasant Beach
    • Barnegat Light
    • Beach Haven
    • Egg Harbor
    • Northfield
    • Atlantic City
    • Egg Harbor Township
    • Woodbine
    • Cape May

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