Mississippi Federal Law Enforcement Jobs

Hurricanes, major oil spills, and presidential visits are just some of the events federal law enforcement agents in Mississippi have been involved with in recent years. These officers act in a wide variety of roles to uphold public safety and order during challenging times. Carrying such a significant responsibility means those entrusted with federal law enforcement jobs in Mississippi must first go through a stringent training process and be able meet minimum educational requirements. Last year there were approximately 10,028 defense and homeland security agents working across the state protecting our nation’s borders and interior.

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Preparing for Federal Law Enforcement Careers in Mississippi

The variety of federal law enforcement careers in Mississippi actually poses the first challenge for prospective candidates; choosing which path to pursue can often be a task in itself. However when it comes to education this is a more definite requirement. Most Mississippi federal law enforcement jobs require at least a bachelor degree in areas like:

  • Public Safety
  • Forensic Science
  • Law
  • Police Science
  • Emergency Management
  • Homeland Security
  • Crime Scene Investigation

However there is a wide range of specialized occupations requiring specialized degrees. For instance, US Coast Guard biologists who participated in the analysis and cleanup of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill came from a science background, while some Homeland Security Agents orchestrating the response to Hurricane Katrina came from a business background. Once candidates can meet the initial qualifications they will be able to choose among the following positions.

Mississippi Federal Law Enforcement Profiles

The range of Mississippi federal law enforcement careers is demonstrated through several recent high-profile events. The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill is one of these and involved:

  • Homeland Security officials who enforced a quarantine around the affected area in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Coast Guard officials who made requests to foreign governments for skimming boats
  • Secret Service Agents who paved the way for a presidential visit to affected areas in the state
  • FBI Agents who investigated fraudulent claims for compensation

With 20 hurricanes to have hit Mississippi in its history and recent among them Hurricane Katrina, federal law enforcement agencies have plenty of experience dealing with extreme weather events:

  • Homeland Security Emergency Management officials lead the response from a control room
  • Federal officers team up with local law enforcement to maintain order through joint fusion centers, especially during natural disasters
  • US Marshals are available to capture wanted fugitives, even during inclement weather
  • Pilots fly the CBP’s Predator Drone and provide real-time data to law enforcement agencies at all levels, and including intel about levee integrity and flooding along the Mississippi River
  • The US Coast Guard in Gulfport averages 300 search-and-rescue missions each year

Home to three international ports of entry in Gulfport, Pascagoula, and Vicksburg, Mississippi federal law enforcement also places an emphasis on border security. This includes:

  • CBP Customs Agents who inspect and question incoming traffic
  • Homeland Security TSA Agents who ensure safety at the state’s ports
  • ICE and DEA Agents who work in cooperation with the Border Patrol to intercept illicit drug traffickers
  • Air marshals also play a part in border security, reporting suspicious passengers to TSA and CBP Agents, while suspicious luggage may be analyzed by ATFE experts


Federal Agency Locations Throughout Mississippi

Training for federal law enforcement jobs in Mississippi is conducted on-the-job at locations throughout the state and at each agency’s respective national training headquarters. Although agents work across the state, their main offices are concentrated mostly in Jackson and Gulfport:

    • US Coast Guard Gulfport Station, located at 991 23rd Avenue
    • FBI’s Jackson Division located at 1220 Echelon Parkway
    • US Marshals offices in:
      • Oxford at 911 Jackson Avenue, room 348
      • Jackson Federal Courthouse on 501 East Court Street on Suite 1.150


    • Mississippi Office of Homeland Security in Jackson at 1230 Raymond Road
    • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives offices in:
      • Gulfport at 1319 26th Avenue
      • Jackson at 100 West Capitol Street
      • Oxford at 2109 University Avenue


  • DEA offices located in:
    • Gulfport at 2909 13th Street in Suite 500
    • Jackson on 100 West Capitol Street in Suite 1213

Candidates who are prepared to make themselves qualified applicants for federal law enforcement jobs in Mississippi can start now by researching the qualifications and training required to serve and protect the State of Mississippi and America.

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