Secret Service Careers in Nevada

From 2007 to March 2011, if someone needed a fake ID it is likely they turned to Celtic’s Novelty ID Service, an operation based out of Las Vegas. But thanks to the work of the United States Secret Service, including the Las Vegas, Nevada field office (702-868-3000), this vast, worldwide operation of purchasing fake IDs resulted in four, federal grand jury indictments against no less than 55 defendants in 10 countries.

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What the individuals who purchased fake IDs from Celtic’s Novelty ID Service—usually thieves, racketeers and scammers—failed to notice was that this company was secretly owned and operated by the United States Secret Service. The four-year Secret Service investigation allowed agents to build dossiers on identity thieves from around the world. It also allowed them to discover an extensive, underground online payment system called Liberty Reserve (which resulted in another, separate investigation).

This extensive investigation by Secret Service agents in Nevada and across the country provides a glimpse into the massive investigative capabilities of this federal law enforcement agency, which is responsible for investigating financial crimes, Internet-based crimes, and cases of identity theft, among others.

Secret Service Careers in Nevada: How to Get Started

Minimum requirements for Secret Service jobs in Nevada are clear and mandatory. Candidates who want to learn how to become Secret Service agents in Nevada must be able to meet these requirements before applying for a job with the agency.

Specifically, candidates for Secret Service jobs in Nevada must:

  • Be a United States citizen
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Be between the ages of 21 and 36 at the time a job offer is extended

Candidates must also meet the experience and/or education requirements for Secret Service agent jobs. Individuals may qualify if they possess at least one year in investigative or surveillance work that is equivalent to the GL-5 level. Individuals without the necessary experience can meet the requirements by possessing a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with superior academic achievement or one full year of graduate study beyond a bachelor’s degree.

New hires are required to complete a specific course of training, which includes 10 weeks of basic training, followed by 17 weeks of agent-specific training.

The Las Vegas Electronic Crimes Task Force

The Las Vegas Electronic Crimes Task Force, which is overseen by the U.S. Secret Service and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Cybercrimes Unit, was created to fight computer-related crimes.  This task force combines the expertise of both the Secret Service and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and works with members of the private and academic community to focus on cybercrime and address cyber security concerns and the financial losses that can result.

A number of recent news headlines reflect the activity of the Secret Service in Nevada. For example, in September 2013, three Las Vegas residents were charged with telemarketing fraud. The Secret Service investigation found that the individuals defrauded about 400 individuals of more than $5 million in connection with a sophisticated telemarketing scheme involving small business grants. The Secret Service investigation was aided by the FBI.

In June 2013, the leader of a group that was found to be skimming credit card information from ATMs and them making counterfeit credit cards was sentenced to more than 6 years in prison. The California resident, who placed skimming devices on card readers at JP Morgan Chase bank branches in Las Vegas.

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