Secret Service Careers in Minnesota

The Secret Service in Minnesota took center stage in December 2013 when it was revealed that indictments were handed down for eight individuals involved in stealing money from ATMs and prescription drugs from pharmacies.

Secret Service agents from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa discovered that these individuals would enter buildings that operated as either banks or credit unions and steal from the ATMs. The case was a result of a multi-agency investigation that involved not only the Secret Service, but also the IRS-Criminal Investigation division, the FBI, and a number of local police departments.

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Another recent case involved a federal indictment for a Maple Plain, Minnesota, man who was indicted in August 2013 for defrauding mortgage loan lenders. The work of the Secret Service agents from the Minneapolis (612-348-1800) field office resulted in a number of counts brought against the accused, including conspiracy to commit bank fraud; bank fraud; wire fraud; mail fraud; and money laundering conspiracy. In addition to the work of the Minnesota Secret Service, the IRS-Criminal Investigations division and the Minnesota Financial Crimes Task Force were involved in the investigation.

Secret Service Agent Careers in Minnesota: How to Get From Here to There

Meeting Basic Requirements – Individuals who want to learn how to become Secret Service agents in Minnesota must meet the minimum requirements for employment, which include (but not limited to) being in excellent physical health, being a United States citizen, and being between the ages of 21 and 36 at the time of appointment.

Meeting Education and Experience Requirements – Beyond these minimum requirements for employment, however, candidates for Secret Service jobs in Minnesota must also possess, at a minimum, one of the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a history of academic excellence
  • At least one year of graduate education beyond a bachelor’s degree
  • At least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GL-5 level – must include work in investigations, surveillance, or undercover work

There are a number of bachelor degree programs that fit well with a career as a Secret Service agent in Minnesota. A bachelor’s degree in police science, for example, is an ideal program for individuals who want to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve success as law enforcement professionals. Most police science programs in Minnesota emphasize the fundamental standards that support law enforcement professionals, as well as the best practices for achieving professional success and the leadership principles needed to effectively manage resources in these types of jobs.

Other popular degree options for individuals interested in achieving Secret Service jobs include: criminal justice, homeland security, criminology, and public safety.

Candidate Qualification Process – After meeting the requirements for employment, chosen candidates must successfully pass the agency’s required pre-employment tests and assessments, which include a written examination, a physical assessment, a medical exam, and a drug urinalysis, among others.

Mandatory Training – New hires for Secret Service agent jobs in Minnesota must then be prepared to complete a rigorous course of training, which includes 10 weeks of basic training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Georgia, followed by another 17 weeks of specialized training at the Secret Service training facility in Maryland.

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