How to Become an ICE Agent in Mississippi

Drug trafficking and abuse in Mississippi, particularly that of methamphetamines and cocaine, contribute to an increased level of crime in the state in recent years. As part of their wide-ranging law enforcement duties, ICE agents (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) act to stop this type of criminal activity.

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As the “Crossroads of the South,” Mississippi’s geography facilitates drug trafficking.  The state’s series of ports, interstates, and rail and air systems all contribute to this trend.  Drugs brought through Mississippi supply the Midwest and the Eastern United States with Atlanta in particular being a frequent destination for illicit drugs from the state.

Degree and Training Requirements to Become an ICE Agent in Mississippi

Although there a number of types of jobs with ICE, many people choose to become special agents, also known as criminal investigators.  The agency has strict requirements to become a special agent.  This includes having a year of graduate school or one of the following attributes of a bachelor’s degree:

  • Ranking in the top third of the class
  • Having been elected to a national honor society
  • Having one of the following GPAs (for all of the courses or the final two years):
    • A B+ in their major
    • A B overall

Applicants who already have experience in law enforcement or criminal investigations can use their experience to substitute for part of this requirement.

Additional requirements include:

  • Being no older than 26 (Veterans may be exempt.)
  • Being a U.S. citizen

Applicants should expect to be rigorously screened and undergo a full background check.

Those who are hired are sent to Georgia for 22 weeks of paid training at the Federal Law Enforcement Center (FELC).  They study academic courses, learn to use firearms, and are brought into top physical condition.

Residents of Mississippi who want to learn more about how to become an ICE agent should contact the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) who is located in New Orleans.  The phone number for this agent is 504-310-8800.

Stopping Crime in Mississippi: From Human Trafficking to Drug Smuggling

Special agents of ICE act to address a variety of types of crimes that take in place in Mississippi.  Some of their successes from recent years are shown below.

Stopping Drug Trafficking Conspiracies – ICE agents worked with the ATF and state authorities to dismantle an extensive drug trafficking ring that had been distributing large quantities of methamphetamine in Mississippi for six years.  The primary culprit was sentenced to 32 years in federal prison in 2013 for his role in the conspiracy.

In 2012, a ring of six people received jail time for their role in a plot to distribute methamphetamine through the mail in southern Mississippi.  They were caught as the result of a coordinated investigation between ICE, the US Postal Inspection Service, and state authorities.

Disrupting Sex Trafficking – Two men from the East Coast were indicted in Mississippi in 2012 for traveling to the state to have sex with a four year old girl and videotaping the act.  ICE agents from around the country worked on the case with local authorities and were able to rescue the child.

In a case from 2013, an illegal alien from South Korea pled guilty to transporting women illegally into Mississippi to work as prostitutes.  ICE investigators were able to connect him to a multi-state prostitution network that operated out of Atlantic City.

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