How to Become an ICE Agent in Idaho

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents were involved in the 2013 arrest of an Uzbek national who lived in Boise and was recruiting people and supplies for Middle Eastern terrorist groups. Estimates from 2009 and 2010 suggest that 35,000 illegal immigrants were living in Idaho during that time frame.

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Agents of ICE investigate crimes that have been committed by those in the country illegally. Mexican drug cartels in Idaho are highly active and distribute large quantities of methamphetamine that enters the US through the Southwest border.  In addition, I-84 creates a straight route for traffickers to bring drugs into Idaho from eastern Oregon.  These and other crimes have kept ICE agents busy in Idaho as they work to bring down international crime syndicates operating in the state.

Becoming an ICE Agent in Idaho

ICE has strict educational requirements for those who seek careers as special agents in Idaho.  They include having a year of graduate level education or having attained high standards of academic excellence in their bachelor’s degree program.

In some cases, relevant experience such as having worked in law enforcement or investigating crimes can substitute for part of the educational requirement.  Additional requirements include having US citizenship and being younger than 37.  The latter requirement is sometimes waived for veterans.

To apply for ICE special agents jobs in Idaho, applicants should monitor the federal government’s official site for jobs.  Applicants for these positions are thoroughly screened and undergo a thorough background check.

Once they have been hired, recruits from Idaho are sent to the Federal Law Enforcement Center (FELC) in Georgia for 22 weeks of paid training.  This entails the following:

  • Physical conditioning
  • Academic coursework
  • Training in using firearms

Idaho residents who want to learn more about how to become an ICE agent should contact the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) for the state.

ICE Investigations in Idaho

ICE special agents in Idaho investigate a variety of types of crimes.  Some of these are listed below.

Drug Trafficking – Several men were sentenced in May 2013 for their role in a long-term methamphetamine trafficking ring that operated out of Idaho Falls.  The ringleader, a Mexican national, received over 24 years in jail, while several co-defendants received substantial jail time.  ICE agents were among those involved in this Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) case called Operation Flamethrower.

Immigration Fraud – ICE agents investigated several cases of immigration fraud and naturalization fraud in 2013.  In one case, a Romanian couple entered into sham marriages to obtain citizenship, although they continued to live with each other.  In another, a Mexican national was sentenced to three years in jail for using a stolen identity to get a green card.

Child Exploitation – ICE agents who specialize in tracking down child pornographers have a great deal of expertise and have been able to rescue a number of children.  In the latter half of 2013 alone, ICE identified a number of child pornographers in Idaho, including one who produced explicit photos of a three year old.

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