How to Become an ICE Agent in Delaware

Delaware has a unique environment that presents opportunities for federal crimes and vulnerabilities to the threat of terrorism. More than half of the publicly traded companies in the US are incorporated in the state.  Wilmington has one of the largest concentrations of banks headquarters of any place in the country.  In addition, New Castle County is a research powerhouse with a number of chemical and pharmaceutical companies located there.

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ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents in Delaware are also faced with cyber crimes that range from software piracy to the distribution of child pornography.

In a highly significant case, ICE agents dismantled a massive international cyber theft ring in 2013.  A Chinese national located in Delaware was responsible for distributing over $100 million worth of pirated software to people around the world.  This involved the distribution of about 550 copyrighted software titles, including a number of engineering and defense programs.

What it Takes to Become an ICE Agent in Delaware

Applicants for positions as ICE special agents, or criminal investigators, frequently have law enforcement backgrounds or experience in criminal investigations.  Having this type of experience can help to meet the strict educational requirements the agency maintains.

ICE requires that its special agents have either achieved specific academic measures with a bachelor’s degree or have a year of graduate level study.  These measures include having one of the following:

  • A rank in the top third of the class
  • Election to a national honor society
  • A B average in all courses (in the last two years or overall)
  • A B+ average in the courses of the person’s major (in the last two years or overall)

Positions with ICE are advertised on the federal website of government jobs when they are available.  Applicants who meet the agency’s requirements with education or a combination of education and experience are rigorously screened to make sure that they meet the agency’s standards.  This involves undergoing a thorough background check.

New recruits are sent to the Federal Law Enforcement Center in Georgia.  There, they are trained for 22 weeks and are paid during this time.  Their training includes the following:

  • Becoming proficient with firearms
  • Getting in top notch physical condition
  • Mastering academic courses

Delaware residents who want more information on how to obtain jobs with ICE are encouraged to contact the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) for Delaware.  This person can be reached by calling the Philadelphia Field Office at 215-717-4800.

ICE Disrupts Criminal Activities in Delaware

ICE is highly active in the pursuit of child predators, including those who spread child pornography online.  The activities of ICE special agents in Delaware resulted in the arrests of a number of individuals in 2013 for their involvement in the solicitation of minors.  The results for cases in the latter half of 2013 alone included the following:

  • A 17.5 year sentence for a repeat sex offender who received child pornography
  • A guilty plea by a former school employee who had attempted to coerce a minor
  • A 6 year sentence for a man who was involved with child pornography
  • A guilty plea by a child rapist for distributing pornography online
  • The charge of a former bank vice president for attempting to solicit a minor online

With I-95 running through Delaware, drug traffickers traverse the state traveling north and south along the Eastern seaboard.  In addition, drugs are shipped into the state for distribution.  ICE agents were pivotal in a 2013 multi-agency operation that disrupted shipments of cocaine from San Diego.

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