How to Become an ATF Agent in Wisconsin

ATF Agents in Wyoming work out of the St. Paul Field Division Office to serve the needs of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota and address federal offenses related to:

  • Unlawful trafficking of alcohol and tobacco
  • Acts of arson
  • Bombings
  • Distribution and possession of illegal firearms
  • Drug related federal crimes
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Staying true to the ATF’s mission of reducing firearm-related gang violence throughout the United States, local agents, in partnership with local law enforcement agencies, exhaust all avenues in an effort to halt gun trafficking and gang related activities in Wyoming.

Firearm-related crimes are on the rise in Wisconsin and include everything from felony armed robberies to the illegal distribution of firearms. Wisconsin ATF agents also investigate arson, as was the case when agents brought an indictment against a Kenosha man in September of 2011. Working in partnership with local authorities, Wisconsin ATF agents were able to bring the guilty to justice, and bring a feeling of relief to a community that was shaken from this early morning duplex fire.

Aside from the St. Paul Field Office, ATF regional Satellite Offices in Wisconsin include Milwaukee Field Offices 1 & 2, as well as the Madison Field Office.

Qualifying to Become a Wisconsin-Based ATF Agent

Candidates in Wisconsin must meet specific baseline requirements in order to apply for a position as a Special Agent. All candidates must be a U.S. Citizen with a valid/current driver’s license.

For eligibility into an entry level position (Government Liaison) GL-05, candidates must possess the specific prerequisites of qualifying experience, education requirements or a combination of both, described as follows:

  • Education: Candidates must complete a four-year course study in any major that leads to a bachelor’s degree.


  • Experience: Candidates should have three years of experience, including one-year equal to a GL-4 that showcases an aptitude for work within the criminal investigative field of law enforcement.


  • Combination of Education and the Experience: Experience and education can be combined to satisfy to the minimum qualifications of an ATF agent. Example: With the Experience requirement of three years, a candidate can have 18 months (50% of experience) in addition to a two-year program of study (50% of education) which will equal 100% of qualifying requirements for the GL-05 position.

To prepare for the application process, candidates should complete and pass the ATF Agent Exam, the ATF Agent assessment test, and a Pre-Employment physical fitness task test.

Upon conclusion of the above, all candidates are required to participate in a field panel interview.

New ATF Agents in Wisconsin must go through a two-part training program in order to secure employment within the agency. The first portion, the Criminal Investigators Training Program (CITP), lasts 12 weeks. Candidates who have previously completed CITP training with other federal agencies may opt out. The second portion, Special Agent Basic Training (SABT), lasts 15 weeks and provides newly hired agents with a solid foundation in job related skills.

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