How to Become an ATF Agent in Georgia

Operating out of five main facilities located strategically across the state, the ATF in Georgia seizes some of the most firearms per capita of any state in the country. Last year this number totaled 11,647 and included 128 machine guns.

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It can be said that Georgians like their guns, with the town of Kennesaw even going so far as to make it law that every household own at least one firearm. ATF Agents come into the picture when gun laws are broken, especially egregiously such as when one man recently attempted to bring a Mac-11 machine gun onto a commercial flight in Atlanta. The ATF also participates in joint-agency operations as well as investigations having to do with – as their name implies – explosives, alcohol or tobacco violations.

The Bureau maintains several offices throughout Georgia, located in the cities of:

  • Atlanta at 2600 Parkway
  • Macon at 1645 Forest Hill Road
  • Columbus at 510 10th Street
  • Savannah at 56 Park of Commerce Boulevard
  • Augusta at 801 Broad Street


Meeting ATF Career Prerequisites in Georgia

Prospective agents interested in learning how to become an ATF Agent in Georgia will start by meeting the initial qualifications:

  • Being between 21-36, with exceptions for federal law enforcement and eligible veterans
  • Being a US citizen with a valid driver’s license
  • Having the ability to obtain a top secret security clearance
  • Being in good physical condition
  • Having a bachelor’s degree in any subject, or either
    • Three years of increasing responsibility in the law enforcement and criminal investigation fields
    • An equivalent combination of education and experience

With a good academic record and a bachelor’s degree in any of the following subjects, applicants may be eligible to enter the ATF at a higher salary level:

  • Political Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Forensic Science
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Law Enforcement
  • Sociology
  • Psychology


The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco

Training for ATF Agents is a process that spans over half a year – 27 weeks – a significant portion of which takes place at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco. Located equidistant between Jacksonville and Savannah, here new agents will complete a 12-week Criminal Investigators Training Program that includes:

  • Federal court procedures
  • Firearms training
  • Driving techniques
  • Crime scene management
  • Interviewing
  • Surveillance operations
  • Suspect apprehension

The Glynco facility is 1,600 acres and includes dozens of firearms training ranges, a driver training range, and an explosives training area. One of the most impressive structures at the Glynco facility is a training neighborhood, complete with 34 buildings where agents conduct practical training exercises.

Completion of ATF training at Glynco is followed by 15 weeks spent at Special Agent Basic Training where new recruits will learn additional skills before receiving their first assignment.

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