Air Marshal Job Requirements in Vermont

Vermont-based air marshals are responsible for ensuring the security of civil air traffic that transits through the two major airports serving the residents and visitors of the state:

  • Burlington International Airport, the state’s largest, busiest, and only international airport which sees over 600,000 people flying out to destinations every year. Air marshals may be placed on any aircraft of the six commercial airline companies that operate out of BTV.
  • Rutland-Southern Vermont Regional Airport which runs several flights to and from Boston on a daily basis, serving around 10,000 passengers last year.
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Air marshals living in Vermont will find the state’s major population centers in the Burlington and Rutland areas are within a very comfortable commuting distance to these airports.

Preparation for Air Marshal Jobs

Candidates looking to place themselves in a competitive position for air marshal jobs can accomplish this by earning a bachelor’s degree in the following subjects:

  • Law
  • Police Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Criminal Justice

This will fulfill the agency’s most stringent requirement, which stipulates either three years relevant experience or a bachelor’s degree in any field.

To meet the absolute minimum requirements, a four-year degree can be substituted with either:

  • Three years of relevant experience demonstrating good communication, problem solving, and organization skills
  • An equivalent combination of both experience and education

Air marshals in Vermont and on flights around the world can use the skills they gain through education to enhance their abilities to perform critical aspects of their jobs:

  • Psychological profiling of suspicious behavior
  • Knowledge of state, federal and international law when subduing suspects
  • Tactical knowledge of how to subdue and restrain a passenger
  • Ability to influence and direct innocent bystanders

The basic requirements and hiring process to become a federal air marshal are as follows:

  • Being between 21-36 years old, with some federal officers eligible for exemption
  • Completing a background check for a top secret security clearance
  • Panel interview
  • Medical and psychological evaluation
  • Air Marshal Assessment Battery Test, including portions on:
    • Reasoning
    • Writing ability
    • Situational judgment


Basic Federal Air Marshal Training Programs

After making it through the application process, candidates who have been selected will start their air marshal training, which takes place over two stages:

  • Five weeks spent at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in New Mexico
  • Six weeks at the Federal Air Marshal Service Training Center in New Jersey

Over the course of 78 days new air marshals will hone their abilities in:

  • Close quarters combat
  • Marksmanship
  • Hostage situations
  • Rapid decompression scenarios
  • Suspect incapacitation

Federal air marshals also train and consult with other law enforcement based throughout Vermont and in Canada, and these can include:

  • Vermont Fusion Center in Williston
  • Vermont Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council
  • Canadian Security Intelligence Service

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