Air Marshal Job Requirements in Utah

Individuals interested in becoming a federal air marshal in Utah may request to be stationed in the Federal Air Marshal Service’s Western Region, which has offices in the cities of Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle.

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Federal air marshals in Utah, who work as part of the Transportation Security Administration’s federal law enforcement team, are required to travel extensively and fly out of any of the state’s major commercial airports, including:

  • Provo Municipal Airport
  • Salt Lake City International Airport
  • St. George Municipal Airport


Minimum Requirements and Pre-Employment Assessments

Individuals who want to take on the challenge of becoming a federal law enforcement officer with the Federal Air Marshal Service must be a United States citizen, and they must be between the ages of 21 and 36 at the time of appointment.

Because of the nature of this federal career, individuals must also expect to undergo a number of screening procedures, including:

  • Background investigation
  • Alcohol and drug screening
  • Polygraph examination
  • Psychological assessment
  • Physical fitness assessment
  • Assessment battery test (writing and logic-based reasoning exam)

Candidates for air marshal jobs in Utah must also meet the requirements of the FV-G level, which include either possessing a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or possessing at least three years of general job experience that details a progression in responsibility. Individuals may also qualify if they possess a combination of experience and education.

Candidates who want to qualify for air marshal jobs at the FV-H level must have either a doctoral degree or at least three academic years of graduate education in aviation management, police science, law, criminal justice, or public administration.

Individuals without the required educational background may qualify at the FV-H level if they possess at least one year of specialized experience at the FV-G level. Specialized experience must be performing criminal investigations, performing inspections associated with aviation; implementing policies and/or procedures associated with aviation security; or conducting risk assessments related to aviation security.

Training Requirements for Air Marshal Jobs in Utah

Training requirements for air marshal jobs are mandatory and often quite strenuous. The program is divided into three, distinct programs:

  • Basic federal law enforcement training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Agency-specific law enforcement training at the FAMS training facility in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Both training programs, which total 16 weeks, include practical and academic performance tests that must be successfully completed.

  • FAM field training program, which includes three, 28-day roster periods under the guidance of a team leader

All federal air marshals are subject to quarterly training programs, as well as additional background checks and drug screens throughout their careers. They must also maintain firearms certification throughout their careers.

The Requirements and Demands of Utah Air Marshals

Utah air marshals are federal law enforcement officials who are required to travel extensively and carry a firearm. Their work can be stressful, demanding, and challenging, as they are tasked with protecting our nation’s commercial aviation system from criminal and terrorist activities.

Individuals who want to become federal air marshals must be able to meet the agency’s strict requirements, which include:

  • Federal air marshals must travel constantly, both during the day and night, with frequent overnight stays, both domestically and internationally. They may be required to travel to areas that may be dangerous or present health hazards.
  • Federal air marshals must be available for permanent or long-term temporary assignments in any domestic or international location in which the Federal Air Marshal Service operates.
  • Federal air marshals are subject to 24-hour on-call duty, and a regular workweek may include more than 8 hours and an irregular schedule.

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