Air Marshal Job Requirements in Oklahoma

Chances are that right now an air marshal is in the air somewhere over Oklahoma. With an increased focus on preventing hijackings across the nation, air marshals are stationed in some of the state’s busiest airports:

  • Will Rogers World Airport near Oklahoma City last year saw approximately 3.68 million travelers pass through its corridors
  • Tulsa International Airport is the state’s primary international airport with 2.73 million passengers in 2013 and also serves as the maintenance world headquarters for American Airlines
  • Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport, which according to recent statistics, saw nearly 64,000 passengers
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Candidates interested in learning how to become an air marshal in Oklahoma can begin by researching the minimum job qualifications.

Air Marshal Minimum Education Requirement

Applicants who begin researching the air marshal job requirements in advance can prepare themselves over the long run to make a competitive bid for employment. Having a bachelor’s degree will fulfill the education requirement while also demonstrating a candidate’s professionalism and ability to commit.

Some relevant programs include:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Psychology
  • Legal Studies and Law
  • Police Science
  • Law Enforcement

Having three years of experience that demonstrates skill in the areas of organization, problem solving, and communication, or combining this with some post-secondary academic study can also fulfill the minimum education requirement.

Before applying, candidates will also need to confirm they are between the ages of 21-36 unless an exception is made for prior service as a federal officer.

Application for Air Marshal Careers

In order to serve as a Federal Air Marshal, candidates will need to make it through an application process that requires the successful completion of an interview and evaluation process, followed by training.

The application process for air marshal jobs involves:

  • Panel interview
  • Background check for a top secret security clearance
  • Air Marshal Assessment Batter Test
  • Medical and psychological evaluation
  • Physical ability test


Air Marshal Training in Oklahoma

Training requirements mandate the completion of two courses. Basic Training takes place in Artesia, New Mexico and lasts 35 days. Advanced Training lasts one week longer than basic, and is held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Becoming an air marshal requires some of the highest marksmanship qualifications of any agency. Training focuses largely on shooting proficiency, as well as jurisdictional law and close quarter combat.

In Oklahoma, air marshals often train with regional and other federal law enforcement agencies, serving on joint cooperative bodies including:

  • Oklahoma Joint Terrorism Task Force in Oklahoma City and Tulsa
  • Anti-Terrorism Advisory Councils in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Muskogee
  • Oklahoma Information Fusion Center
  • Homeland Security Regional Advisory Council

Flights originating from the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas are watched with particular scrutiny because the federal government has identified these cities as high-density high-threat locations. For the purposes of air marshal protection, Oklahoma is divided into eight strategic regions to ensure coverage is evenly distributed.

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