Air Marshal Job Requirements in Michigan

Federal air marshals in Michigan serve out of the Detroit field office.  Immediately following the attacks on 9/11, armed federal air marshals were stationed at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport in Detroit/Romulus, one of 17 airports nationwide to use the visible presence of armed federal air marshals as a deterrent to possible follow-up terrorist attacks.

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Other airports in Michigan in which federal air marshals routinely work, albeit undercover and not usually visible to the general public, include:

  • Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids
  • Capital Region International Airport in Lansing
  • MBS International Airport in Saginaw


Qualifying to Become a Federal Air Marshal in Michigan

Before one can become a federal air marshal in Michigan, specific qualifications must be fulfilled. They include being a U.S. citizen, being between 21 and 37 years of age, being physically fit, passing a psychological examination, and passing a criminal and credit background check.

Educational and Experiential Qualifications – In addition to meeting the above qualifications, potential federal air marshals in Michigan must be qualified through either education or experience to perform the duties the position demands. Possession of a bachelor degree in any field will fulfill the educational qualification. If a candidate has three or more years of experience in certain types of work, however, this qualifies him or her for the position as well. The type of work experience must include problem identification and solving, communication, organization, and leadership skills. Education may be combined with experience to meet the requirements of the Federal Air Marshal Service.

Training for Federal Air Marshal Jobs – Training requirements for new federal air marshals in Michigan are so stringent that the Federal Air Marshal Service has published a Pre-Training Guide for new recruits. The guide offers suggestions of exercise and conditioning that should be performed before attending the official training, in order to prepare themselves physically for this rigorous training program.

The training for federal air marshals in Michigan is broken into two sections. The first section of training lasts 35 days and takes place in New Mexico. This is the basic training. The second section of training takes place in Atlantic City, New Jersey and lasts 43 days. This is the more advanced portion of the training program. Both parts of the program will train recruits in the classroom and in physical routines. Defensive measures and the use of firearms will also be taught.

Resources for Federal Air Marshals in Michigan

After becoming a federal air marshal in Michigan, new employees are advised to check out the Detroit Federal Air Marshal Service Employees Welfare and Recreation Association, headquartered in Romulus. This local association of Michigan air marshals was formed in September 2011 and acts as a labor organization, providing advocacy and recreational services for Michigan’s federal air marshals both on and off the job.

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